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I write to you to draw your attention to the local activity around next weekends GovHackFNQ Event. In the long term we believe it can play a key role in the ongoing development of a sustainable Tech/Startup Culture Sector in FNQ.

Why is this important? It’s important because it’s our ability to understand in all that we can about our region, it’s technical capacity along with a knowledge of available datasets can play a key role in its development.  On relatively short notice and limited resources, a small team has gathered to ensure we capitalise on this year’s activity as best we can to ensure that 2017 is a knock out event.

We believe by using 2016 as an opportunity to understand the event, meet the people, learn how it works, meet other local people who think likewise we can begin planning a full year out for 2017.

While at the same time through this year’s 2016 event discover and compile a list of available datasets. Whether in the public domain or through negotiation, this Database of Tables would form the basis of our GovHack 2017 event as well as give us an all year round resource that we can draw from in a myriad of ways, help hone decisions, identify new opportunities and explore possible new initiatives.

GovHack is about making people aware of the huge volume of data that is there available to use, question is how. If you think you can help and would like to be part of the GovHack FNQ Team then we are looking for the following

  • Delegate/Rep - If your an organisation, it would be great to have your input into GovHackFNQ and DEX and there development in the region

  • Datasets - It’s a sharing economy, what you have might enhance and add value to others and visa versa

  • Attend or Skype in - Weds CQU for 1-3pm Wed 27th July . - Come along and meet the other Stakeholders be part of the conversation

  • Dex - Website - Become part of the organisation fostering an interest IT Sector development in the North

Come join us at The Space Friday Night the 29th July -  for a govhack event focused on Tourism & Hospitality in Tropical Queensland. With over 2 million international and domestic tourists a year visiting Cairns and the Far North it has the ability to be the home to many innovative Tech Startups.

Robin Macpherson
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Skype: bhuman
Mobile: 0466090023

GovHack gives us the opportunity to understand how these publicly available Data Sets can further improve new and existing businesses in the region through the development of new startups while fueling the current fireups. In 2016 learn how to access the datasets and be part of a group that will compile a list of what we can use in local development work.

GovHackFNQ 2016 will be held at The Space’s new location at Cairns Tafe in beautiful sunny and hot Tropical Queensland. Where else would you want to do GovHack.

GovHackFNQ is a participatory project please

get in touch if you would like to be involved

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