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Come join us at GovHack FNQ. A govhack event focused on Tourism & Hospitality in Tropical Queensland. With over 2 million international and domestic tourists a year visiting Cairns and the Far North it has the ability to be the home to many innovative Tech Startups.

GovHack gives us the opportunity to understand how these publicly available Data Sets can further improve new and existing businesses in the region through the development of new startups while fueling the current fireups.

GovHackFNQ 2016 will be held at The Space’s new location at Cairns Tafe in beautiful sunny and hot Tropical Queensland. Where else would you want to do GovHack?

Theme event: Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism & Hospitality industry is the theme for GovHackFNQ

With our local tourism market heavily favouring the international market GovHack FNQ is in an ideal position to capitalise on the multi-lingual nature of of our international arrivals.

With over 2 million international and domestic tourists a year visiting Cairns and the Far North have a real advantage in the development of short stay apps such as AirBnB. Cairns is also the ideal base for building logistical/travel management systems in the international sense of the word.

Our city with its international airport so close to town makes it an ideal flyin/flyout market for idea developers and techheads alike who enjoy building their dreams in the Tropical North & Barrier Reef Tourism Market.


GovHack Queensland + GovHackFNQ - Cairns Opening - THE SPACE

TAFE MUD MAP 2 300x300
Friday 29 July – 6.00PM
The Space – Cairns Tafe

6.00PM Registration U-Block
6.25PM Ushered into The Space
6.30PM Opening Remarks
Jason Weigel – Brisbane GovHack Host
6.32PM Welcome to the University of Queensland
Professor Michael Bruenig – UQ ITEE Head of School
6.35PM Thank you to Venue Sponsors around Queensland

Location House Keeping & Hackerspace House Keeping
Kurt, Naomi, Damian (whom ever would like to get up) –  GovHackFNQ Host Team
- Location - The Space
- Cairns Tafe Security
- Food & Drinks
- How the Hackerspace works
- Important Times

6.45PM Introduction from Brisbane City Council – Address to State as State Sponsor
Cat Matson – Chief Digital Officer of Brisbane To Be Confirmed

6.49PM Introduction from Logan City Council – Address to State as State Sponsor
To Be Confirmed

6.52PM Introduction for Hon Leeanne Enoch, Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy and Minister for Small Business
Professor Iain Watson – UQ Deputy Vice Chancellor (External Engagement)
6.55PM Video from Hon Leeanne Enoch, Minster for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy and Minister for Small Business
7.00PM Opening GovHack Video from Global Operation Team
~7.05PM State and Brisbane Prizes and Challenges
Various Presenters - Withheld
7.25PM End of Livestream

~7.40PM Dinner Drinks ??.

Further Discussion about the next couple of days


Working through the datasets identifying the ones for us
 * Queensland Data Portals
 * http://portal.govhack.org/datasets.html#government-data-portals

 * Other Data Portals
 * Private Data Assetts


As explained on a previous post, after you've run the closing video at 5pm, played all your participants project videos it is time to announce your local Spirit of GovHack winner (and will also be your State Finalist).

On the Sunday confer with you amazing Event Crew as to who should be the individual worthy of receiving our most prestigious event award.

Once you have all agreed (sorry no split prizes/team prizes for the Spirit of GovHack) which participant has won, please use the template below and print it out in colour.

Please put in in a frame - even in a cheap $2 certificate frame from the Reject Shop or similar will make it look Grand! ????

Please let everyone know why they have one it and make sure you take a picture with them being presented with it and add it to our GovHack Flicker pool! 

Wrapup - Show what we have done


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Digital Footprint

FNQ Website - http://govhackfnq.org 

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/govhackfnq/

Twitter  - https://twitter.com/govhackfnq

The Lab Cairns/Dex - Meeting Channel 



GovHackFNQ is a participatory project please

get in touch if you would like to be involved

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