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GovHack encourages participants to use publicly released HYPERLINK "https://data.qld.gov.au/" government data to propose ways the data can be reused to provide benefits and services to the community. 

The GovHack event is an annual open data competition held all over Australia and New Zealand. This year the weekend event will be run from 29-31 July and will occur simultaneously at multiple locations across Queensland.


Social Conscience is a key factor.

A “hack” is when you take something and make it better.  So for this competition you need to take open government data and make it more useful or engaging! 
In 46 hours teams create a project page, proof of concept and a video that tells the story of how the data can reused, often finding new ways to solve the challenges facing the community and government. 
Data uses might involve innovative apps or mashing up data through visualisations, games, art work or data stories. 

The best teams have a mix of skills so we encourage everyone to come along including entrepreneurs, developers, designers, digital media creators, artists, story tellers, researchers and open data enthusiasts.

The event starts with the competition categories announced on the Friday night 29 July. Teams then trove through the official data sets to find new ideas or ways to reuse the data to win prizes in international, national and local prize categories.


The essence of a Hack Day is achieving something remarkably amazing — awesome — in a very short period of time.


Teams work through the weekend and by Sunday 5pm you have to have submitted your team page, 3 minute video of your concept and any code/source materials.
GovHack is for everyone! GovHack is about having fun and learning, regardless of your level of expertise. From high school and 1st year university students through to hardened developers, designers, entrepreneurs, data analysts, engineers, digital media creators, artists, film makers, story tellers, academics, researchers, youth and civic enthusiasts.

The event provides the opportunity for networking, knowledge sharing, mentoring and demonstrating your skills to the open data community. Everyone who gets involved will come away from the weekend with something new, whether it be code, content, an idea or new contacts. 

The essence of a Hack Day is achieving something remarkably amazing — awesome — in a very short period of time. Participants will also be in the running for prize money for the best work undertaken with government data across a number of major and minor categories. 

To become involved and learn more about GovHack visit HYPERLINK "http://www.govhack.org/regions/qld" www.govhack.org/regions/qld

Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation

Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation

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GovHackFNQ is a participatory project please

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