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Title - Data Piñata


Project Results

Video URL - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NonIzE0S9kM

Demo Url - http://govhackfnq.org/govhack/datapinata/

Code Repository URL - https://github.com/skinduptruk/datapinata


Project description

Data Piñata is an approach to data realisation.

This is our first Govhack and we really didn't have a full understanding of the datasets content so this became the starting point. How could we better understand what was available for us to play with?

What fields are in each table and would some be relevant or provide even disruptive data because of the field choice in some datasets may not be normally considered. This can lead to other ways of exploring your own and the greater data set.

The second part of the process was to look at ways to present the search and results in a humorous and informative way.

This can be down through a variety of visual engagement techniques, Data Shakes as well as  relational and traditional visualisers. We chose a Piñata hence the Data Piñata.

The idea being that you enter your variables into the boom stick fields, you can then whack the piñata. The resultant tables and data will fall from the piñata initially in a graphical form and then display as the found data set itself.

Team Details


Team Name - Tropical Tweakers

Kurt, Kevin, Karen, Robin

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National Prizes
 The Best Business Hack
 The Best Data Journalism Hack
 The Best Digital Humanities Hack
 The Best Open Government Data Hack
 The Best Science Hack
 The Best Social Inclusion Hack
 The Best Victorian building permit data Hack

Data Used
Datasets Used
 Landsat 5 and 7 - Dataset URL: Australian Reflectance Grid 25 (ARG25) WMS, WCS and CSW services
Other Datasets Used

URL - http://govhackfnq.org/project-data-pinata


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